VIKERA BLANCO is a unique “white” tequila infused with Anejo. The Blanco is distilled three times and then “oxygenated” to create a smooth, crisp flavor with a slightly oak and vanilla finish.

What sets OURS apart

Clear or "white" tequilas are not usually aged and can have a "tin-like" flavor. They are most commonly used to mix in a margarita or other cocktail. Our Blanco is different because we infuse a three-year old Añejo into it to add a slightly oak flavor.


We recommend enjoying our Blanco tequila over ice, with lime or orange, or in a premium margarita.



Longer than other tequilas, our VIKERA REPOSADO is aged in American white oak barrels for a minimum of six months. This extra aging gives our Reposado a rich, gold color along with a slightly oak flavor. As with all Vikera tequilas, our Reposado goes through an oxygenation process to give it an elegant and smooth finish.

What sets OURS apart

Reposado means "rested" or "aged" and is used to describe tequila that has been put in an oak barrel unlike the Blanco tequila which goes into a used Jack Daniels barrel. We age our Reposado for eight to nine months versus the average of two months based on the assessment of the perfect flavor profile.


We recommend enjoying our Reposado over ice or simply with a squeeze of lime



As with all of our Tequilas, we believe in taking our time. Our VIKERA AÑEJO is aged for a minimum of three years, much longer than the industry standard. We take our craft seriously. The result is the highest quality flavor with a dark hue and an extremely smooth finish.

What sets OURS apart

Añejo is the next stage. In order to legally be classified as an Añejo Tequila, it must be aged for a minimum of one year. We age our Añejo for three years instead of one!



Our Anejo is best served neat or on the rocks, perfect for tequila aficionados or those who enjoy the finer things in life.


Extra Añejo

VIKERA EXTRA AÑEJO is our proudest achievement. Aged for seven years, this tequila has an extraordinarily oaky flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Its overall flavor imparts a creamy texture and ultra-smooth taste. 

What sets OURS apart

In order to qualify as an Extra Añejo, the tequila has to be aged for three years. Ours is aged for seven years (double the time!) which gives its extraordinarily oaky flavor similar to a fine bourbon. Our Extra Añejo is the smoothest and most complex of our varietals. As one of the longest-aged Extra Añejos on the market, we are very proud of this distinction and resulting experience. This makes it similar to a wine brand with a vintage attached to indicate premium quality.



We recommend enjoying a tequila of this quality served neat or on the rocks in order to enjoy its full-bodied taste.