VIKERA TEQUILA begins with the story of Melly Barajas, master distiller of Vinos y Licores Aztecas, which is owned and operated by women. Melly has had the chance to make a difference by providing many women with the opportunity to maintain a steady career in the art of crafting the finest 100% blue weber agave tequila. Now, it is our turn to carry on this mission through our own philanthropy initiatives and to create a platform for women to feel empowered and celebrated in the wine and spirits industry. In the spirit of their hard work, grit and dedication to the craft, Vikera Tequila is named after Melly’s Lady Vikings or "Vikeras".


extraordinary tequila made by lady vikings

Vikera is an extraordinarily smooth and complex Tequila because of the unique oxygenated process, longer barrel aging in Jack Daniel’s barrels and earthy notes that come from the highlands region of Tequila. Our four varietals provide a distinct experience depending on your occasion and your tastes and are meant to be savored the same way you would savor a beautiful glass of wine.